iam intend to upgrade my computer what should i buy for pcsx2 work perfectly
my laptop Have ati Graphic Card

but its way too slow for me when i take some of large place game like fighting games its goes too much slow because of the low memory in those card as i read from your website

so i would like to upgrade my old computer use High Graphics Card since the laptop is unable to upgrade the graphics card because it will destroy him

any way

my past ati radeon her name : ati mobility radeon HD 545V
core clock : 720 mhz
memory clock : 800 mhz
memory sizy : 1749 mb
memory type : hyper memory

laptop cpu power : 2.5
cpu type : intel core i5
windows : windows 7 home premium 64bit

so why my card slow down the pcsx2 when i am playing in game like tekken 5 ? is it because of law memory of ati cards ? and when i play dragon ball its just slow way too much then the rest of the games

i have change my laptop option so its play 100%
cpu and Gpu i have raise there power for 100%

and the heck wont change any damn thing about game play speed i want


lets talk about my old computer not laptop

1.his cpu power its 1.9

2.his ports is 2.0 usb only not 3.0 i have try to put a new wireless internet card in port 2.0 and he says that he didnt support port 3.0 and hes unable to work with device is only prepare for 3.0 usb

3.and his ram kind ddr2

4.and he has no graphics card

5.and my windows is windows xp Sp3

6. cpu type intel

so what kind of graphics card should i chose for him ?
i just want a card will make pcsx2 work perfectly so i can leave my family play on it and dose not risk my computer with use the pcsx2 for 7 hour
thats make my power supply so hot and take a lot of computer power

and could xbox 360 work with port 2.0 or its just for port 3.0 only and forever

and thanks for help

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its kind pointless to upgrade if the computer cant accept xbox 360 wireless controller
Intel core i5 - 2.5 ghz
Ati radeon HD 545V
i shouldnt care about the controller because the controller will only recharge from any kind of port

i should care about what kind of receiver i am gone to buy Tongue

i figure out this answer before one min

but i cant figure out answers of the gpu i should buy for my old computer so could someone knowledge in those kind of things tell me his option and why
Intel core i5 - 2.5 ghz
Ati radeon HD 545V
Well, i think i can answer this for you, Your graphics card plays games fine, It's your CPU thats holding you back, unless you have the scaling options cranked waaayy up.

Try to enable speed hacks to see if it helps with your performance.
Sadly the wiki doesn't have info on which speed hacks help or break the game (though if you'd like to test it out then post the results by all means you can do so here: http://wiki.pcsx2.net/index.php?title=Tekken_5)
Here is the wiki explaining what speed hack settings to set it up for Tenkaichi 3: http://wiki.pcsx2.net/index.php?title=Dr...enkaichi_3
Intel Core i7-8700k @5ghz
G.Skill 16GB DDR4 @3600mhz
GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
Windows 10 x64

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