idk what this error is but help plz
hello this is my first time to write in this forum
i hope im not too needy Blush

my problem is that everytime i run my game which is radiata stories

i get this error
[Image: usr6r8iq2o29b9r0rq.jpg]
so i would like to tell u my pc's specz so u would help me Laugh

my vga is a :nvidia 9300 gt 1gb

and :CPU is intel core 2 duo 2.20 ghz

and my ram is: 1g ram<<i hate it so much >.<

OS:windows xp sp2

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that formatting is horrible, please dont spend time aligning the text, giving it a colour etc Tongue2

also you fail at linking images Tongue2 you might want to try that one again
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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that wasn't nice

and besides
i told u im new to this Tongue

so tell me what you need me to do so u can understand my problem better?
Erm...Information about the problem? The file name of the screenshot file you took doesn't exactly convey any information whatsoever. Well, I suppose you could try rename "usr6r8iq2o29b9r0rq.jpg" to "usr6r8iq2o29b9r1rq.jpg" and see if that fixed your problem...
I can see the image just fine.

Anyway, it looks like you're using the tlb build of 0.9.4; that's ancient. At least get the 1888 beta:

And before you start the game, make sure you enable the tri-Ace Gamefix. That ancient version of yours doesn't have that gamefix so the game will never boot.
For my specs, see my profile.

My YouTube channel

now that this problems is solved i have another problem >.<

i'm sorry i might tire u with me

i downloaded the beta
everything works fine
but the cdvd plugin has an error

it says error opening CDVD plugin

if u want a picture i can tell me

o and im clicking on run ISO from the file tap

and secondary run CD/DVD in the file tap doesn't work for me

it gives me a black screen with no sounds
just black...

i hope u can help me Laugh
omg thx alot

i owe u big time
i just saw the

game fix
thx thx thx thx thx alot!
use linuz iso if you have iso,and chose that iso.

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