im kinda confused...
so first of all, i use a Laptop and here are the details.
[Image: capturech.jpg]
i use PCSX2 0.9.8 (r4600) with all settings Default. Speedhacks OFF.

now here is the problem. currently i can play Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain, and Marvel vs Capcom 2, very very smoothly at 50 fps, but when it comes to Tekken 5, Burnout Revenge, it slows down.

This is while playing Smackdown, and MarvelvCapcom2
[Image: hctp.jpg]

But this is whats confusing me, The intro video, in-game menu, loading screens, cut-scenes etc all run smooth in both games, that is Tekken and Burnout, but when the race/fight starts, the fps drops down to 30, becomes really slow.. i have tried different settings, speedhacks, reducing the graphics quality, but to no avail.

This is during gameplay
[Image: tekk.jpg]

Please let me know if i have to include any more details to explain my problem.
and im sorry if i missed something in settings, but please help me out here, im going crazy trying to figure this out.

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which smackdown game?
did you ran it on batteries??
and set on power plan to "Power saver"??
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You've discovered more demanding games (for your system) than those you have that do run well.
I certainly wouldn't expect full speed from Tekken 5 with your laptop.

Try not to be confused when intros and menus run much faster than when in-game.
It should be obvious that there's much more going on,
and much more to be processed/rendered. Wink

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