im stunned! :O
ok i know you all have a thank you thread but i wanted to get this out of my system lol

i have recently bought a medion x6816 erazer laptop

(i72670 turbo 3.1ghz but its usually 2.8ghz)
gt555m 2gb océd 700 / 1400 / 1000
6gb ram

and i can like run every ps2 game that i own (full speed 2x native res) lol i never would have expected that the development of this project could go so far that you can play even dragonquest 8 on a laptop with 2x native resolution full speed Ohmy

so from the bottom of my heart i thank the pcsx2 team for creating such a good emulator! and keep up the good work! Smile

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Lol I think its as much a "I love my laptop" thread as it a thank you pcsx2 team thread, but hey, i love my laptop too, so i understand :wink:
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hahaha WarWeeny Yeah Aldi sells good stuff sometimes, though I wouldn't buy a laptop myself Tongue
I wanna thank the dev team as well.. they really do a great job Smile and I will say thanks again for letting me play ps2 games on pc because i cannot play them on ps2 as it is broken Sad (it does not reads disks... but anyway Tongue)
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Thanks Silver112 for the sig! ^^


I love violins Tongue


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