improve performace of FX
the new AES instructions and XOP ... AMD FX could be implemented in Pcsx2?
The performace of the FX with pcsx2 would be better?

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That depends if the instruction set actually gives any advantage over the way processing is currently done. Although because that is an AMD only instruction set, it doesn't mean it will make the FX chips any faster.
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AVX - Advanced Vector Extensions increase parallelism for scientific and 3D applications using complex floating point calculations

FMA4 and XOP - Multiplication-accumulation vector floating point operations extended and improved throughput and performance on many vector functions of integer and floating-point

AES - The Advanced Encryption Standard increases the performance of encryption applications like TrueCrypt ® and PCMark ®

FMA4 and XOP could be implemented in the future to Pcsx2?
Possibly yes, it could be used for the VU's, but we would probably stick to FMA3 as it is supported by both AMD and Intel, i believe XOP and FMA4 is AMD only since this is quite a big restriction we can't really justify it.

But FMA3 is a definite possibility as both Intel and AMD support these.
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i call bullsh*t on "big restriction" @refraction. that xop and fma4 is exactly what probably could get amd a lil faster. it's not about being standard, it's about custom fixes. setup by cpuid. you do the same with the nvidia hack. why not a cpu hack? every freaking game developer did that back then when the performance mattered. squeeze everything possible out of every platform. you could/should too. Wink
Unfortunately this is the way things work, when Intel releases CPUs with new instructions set, every software house starts to work to implement it (e.g PCSX2 has already started implementing AVX2 that can be found only on Haswell CPUs). Instead if AMD does it, almost no one cares (except some scientific projects and software house that are already working with AMD).
FMA4+XOP+AVX was meant to be SSE5 but Intel made some ostructionism and deleted SSE5 and even decided to use FMA3 (that should be less advanced than FMA4 if I remember correctly), and you can clearly see the effects...

Probably the only hope is that a coder with a recent AMD CPU start to work in the PCSX2 team.

And just to say FMA4 and XOP are not only supported by FX CPU but also all the recent APUs (Trinity, Richland and Kaveri, maybe even Kabini).

P.S. I know that there is this situation because Intel sells 4 times more than AMD, but a 20% of users is not a negligible number...
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