in software mode third core as gpu?
i think software mode is more compatible. is it impossible to use the third cpu core as graphics card.

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after the question i wrote above i saw there is an option "SW rend. threads" on gsdx and it is recommended to set it "3" for quadcore owners. i think it is best which i can find.
You are correct Smile
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"'3' for quadcore owners"?

EDIT: Oh, duh. That didn't register for a second. XD
(05-27-2011, 10:26 AM)refraction Wrote: You are correct Smile


Basically for software mode if you want to get optimal for your CPU you set it for 1 less than your total amount of cores (leaving at least 1 free for "core" emulation).
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GPU is still faster,even with additional CPU cores.
thanks every one. i set "SW rend. threads" to 3 and it worked great. i love this emulator.Smile
Some games might be too heavy to run in software mod or just run plain better on hardware. So may be a good idea experimenting with the F9 key to help choosing which mode is better for you for that certain game.
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i am trying to play Syphon Filter Dark Mirror and it has bugs when using hardware. software is good.

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