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I have a question: quad core speed boost (like mtgs boost dual core speed) isn't improved yet or mtgs speeds up quad core users too?

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Right now there is no such way that 4-core support in pcsx2. MGTS made two threads for pcsx2 (one for graphics and one for all other stuff), so maximum number of cores pcsx2 could use is 2. With a little luck third core could be used for a OS needs, that improve speed 0.2-0.5%. So better way to use 4-cores is turn off 2 of them (it speed proc a bit) :-).
Ok thanks a lot!!! It makes me hope in a future improvement of quad core speed boost!!!
Uhm, well Smile the official version has last been modified a long time ago by now, so I'm not sure why you're posting here. Regardless, no version of pcsx2 can at this very moment use more than 2 cores.

An exception is using directx in software mode, because you can select how many threads you want there. but keep in mind, in most games it's not the GPU that limits the fps, but rather the CPU. So its usage is quite limited
Also mtgs mode runs better then dual core mode in the latest versions.
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I remember ref telling me once, when I first got my Quad Core, I really excited and said I couldn't wait for Quad Core support. He told me most likely it will never happen, and I asked why.

He told me, on top of being a really difficult thing to do(Go back re-write A LOT OF CODE), the benefits would be nearly worthless and that keeping them in Sync with each other would be very hard. He said compatibility would go to hell, and MAYBE a speed boost of 1-3%.

So obviously, it seems not quite worth it.
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azzzzz >.< ok thanks for explanation ^^

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