ini folder path configuration
Greetings, Glad to meet you here.
I wish all of you would be happy with PCSX2.
Please undertand
I'm not good at English and this thread is written
with help of google translator and English dictionary.

I have run 3 PCSX2s on my PC for a long time.
PCSX2s were the same ; PCSX2 0.9.7.r0 - compiled on Oct 6 2010.
and each of them was for each game.
(They're all in D:\. I divided my disk into 2 partition.)
one was for Smackdown! Just Bring It.
and another was
for Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth, Here Comes The Pain
and SVR and SVR 2006.
(Shut Your Mouth is Still incompatible without patch)
the other was for SVR 2010 & 2011.
So why have I run games like this?
Because I set different key settings for each of them.
I thought It would be more comfortable to set key settings different
than to change my key settings every time I play them in one program.
And I loved PCSX2 settings that made ini exist in their sub-folder
under each PCSX2 Root Folder, that was Changeable and Convenient.
But Since Sometime, developers have changed their configuration.
They fixed their ini folder in
C:\Users\(Username)\My Docmuments\PCSX2\inis!!!(yeah, I use 7.)
I don't want that too much kindness!!!
I want multi emulation, and I want multi and free inis!
That could be inconvenient and foolish for someone's view,
but at least, I prefer free path to fixed path.
But there is no way to configure my own ini folder,
they're always fixed in one spot after 0.9.8.
Of course I think developers decided that after careful consideration,
But please, have one more "more careful" consideration.
I love your Comfortable, Convenient, Compatible Emulation.
But in this case,
I want you to be more comprehensive for newbie like me.
Thank you for your reading this thread. Good Bye.
If there are some impolicy and rudeness with inaccuracy in this thread,
that's all my fault.

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Hmm. Use the Binary Pack and when first time configuring select your own pcsx2 folder instead of my documents/ Tongue2 As for the Key configuration, when using lilypad, you can save the bindings elsewhere means you can set the binding for wwe and save it as wwe.lilypad(or whatever the file name is Tongue2)

And when playing wwe, load the bindings Smile

You can find the bindings (save/load) near the end of the lilypad configuration.
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
Yes, the PCSX2 Installer does use "My Documents\PCSX2" as it's default ini location.

The PCSX2 Binaries consist of a file called "portable.ini". It's existance causes PCSX2 to use the local ini files, those right in the directory of PCSX2.

Also, have you read about using seperate configs for each game?
Thank you for your advice, But I can't still know the reason about compulsory folder fixing when I start PCSX2 after 0.9.8s.
I'm sorry that I didn't clarified I had tested a lot of betas.
They're after r4600, and they're the same for that problem. ex) 0.9.9 4713.
I think they're binaries too, but they're always like that. That's the problem.
Read this thread.

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