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intel tester wanted
disabling shader extensions made it work, but now i have issues with the sound, but thats another topic.

still need testing or benchmarks on haswell+Mesa?

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I'm fine with your result. I think you can put back the extension on auto. The issue was probably the bad default (i.e. DX) value of the renderer.

Tests are always welcome. just play games Wink At least I'm confident that PCSX2 could work with Intel driver. However I advice you to get the 1.2.2 version to avoid another crash.
which svn/git revision is 1.2.2?
I created a tags.
thx Smile
Is there any chance that a sandybridge gpu would work? I have no intention of actually using it as I have a nvidia card in the same PC, but I can test the SB igpu if it would be worthwhile.
It could work. Normally all extensions are supported. It might failed to create the glx context but it could work with EGL

I tested on Intel B960 2.2 Ghz (sandy bridge) with Intel HD 2000, and it works well here. Black screen without Separate shader on OFF, though. Mesa 10.2.2, last intel driver, linux mint 17 XFCE.

I obtained + 10 fps with last svn compared to pcsx2 1.2.2.

Persona 4 ~40/60 fps, tale of the abyss ~40/60 fps with native résolution. Good Job !

That was for testing, not really playable on my crappy laptop Smile

Sorry for my english.
I think most of the improvement come from the driver Smile It is quite good for this limited GPU!

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