is BETA 1888 = 0.9.7?
Sorry that i have to ask,
in the compatibility nodes i have read about the 0.9.7 beta, but in downloads i can only see beta build 1888.

MY question is 1888 the 0.9.7 beta of pcsx2 and if not where can i test the 0.9.7 beta?


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r1888 is the latest public beta.
if you want to test 0.9.7, get it here :
and compile it yousrself.
But you won't receive any support using it.
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will there ever be a release that we don't have to compile in maybe the next few months? (not getting my hope's up, Just wondering.)
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Maybe Tongue

The beta plugins package is there for you to try though and it's not so old.
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