is Zedr0n alive?
Been a while since I've been here. I have an RSS reader track updates for the mac pcsx2 page and just noticed the last update was from July last year. I was just curious if the project is even moving forward at all or is it dead? I did some research looking for Zedr0n's activity. He hasn't visited the forum since mid January this year, and the redmine bug tracker doesn't show any changes to any bug status since August 2011. Has anyone heard anything from him? Did he just get busy or what?

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i think there is no work on a mac version (atm)...if it would be, then there would be a downloadable version on the site ^^

maybe there have to be more mac users to get a new version Smile
There is a downloadable version. It's on a different site. It just hasn't been updated... for a long time.

Zedr0n was the developer working on it. There was no post about him quitting the project or anything. He just stopped posting. I was just wondering if anyone knows any news about what's happened with him.

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