is it wierd?
hi ya there! I'm using pcsx2 0.9.8 and i tried this two games:
Legaia 2: dual saga

when I'm playing Legaia 2 i only get 20-23fps but when i played final fantasy XII demo i can get 40-43fps even in battle. is it legaia 2 is more demanding in graphics than final fantasy XII?

heres my specs:
core2duo @2.93GHz
1gb ram
on board graphic card intel gma 3100 256mb
window xp

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Your limit is your onboard graphics.
in gsdx's plugin settings use native resolution if you haven't already. as dralor said its yours onboard graphics that is limiting you.

and its not unusually for some games to run much slower than others. it depends on the way they were coded and usually how much 3d objects appear on the screen.
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mikko7123 Wrote:Final Fantasy XII DEMO VERSION

Is Demo version available in retail stores?

Well legia 2 may be demanding in graphics as well as processing too. Your onboard graphics card is your bottleneck.
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He probably have gotten a demo version of it from some disc Laugh *gray area*
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If I remember right the FXII Demo game with DQVIII.
(05-20-2011, 01:35 PM)dralor Wrote: If I remember right the FXII Demo game with DQVIII.

This is correct, at least in certain regions. Not sure for all.
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