is my computer good enough?
i know many have asked this question already, i'm not really a techie and i'm not sure which categories my computer goes into. very sorry about this. ><
i'm currently using my new computer which apparently should be good.
i7 2630 CPU 2.0GZ
8GB ram
64 bit system
radeon HD 6770M.

i was trying to run SNK vs capcom SVC chaos. i turned on speed hack to 3 for both things on PCSX2 r4964. it was running okay during loading and everything, but once i started fighting, the fps went down to 20 and was lagging a lot.
Is there a way i can increase the performance? or am i just trying to play a game taht requires too high specs. or is there something wrong with the game? i tired digimon world and after 5 mins of play it seems to be running fine at 60fps. But i do wanna play some action kind of game. Any help would be appreciated =D

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Set your Power Plan to "High Performance" yet?

When you say "turned on speed hack to 3 for both things", do you mean the EE and VU cycle sliders? You may not want to just jump to that, since the use of those can seriously degrade gameplay with some games, especially so when used excessively.

Have you the [Recommended] Speedhacks enabled?
From there, start increases one of the sliders at time, one notch at a time.
Continue to check gameplay between each increase, and make sure your changes aren't reducing performance (or causing choppy speed and/or glitches).

Your laptop is quite decent, but there certainly will be some games that will be too much for it. IDK this one personally, though. I do know if it looks light weight and simple, it still doesn't mean it's gonna emulate easy.

Oh-- and what do you have the internal resolution set to? Your GPU may bottleneck beyond 2x native (depending on the game).
Wouldn't the 2Ghz CPU be holding it back? When you're running the game, what's the EE% showing as at the top?
Native is best for Laptops. Try noticing the EE/GS% when you get slowdowns. Some mild speedhacks would be fine or use the presets button. Smile
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thanks for all your replies, you guys are soo nice!!
yepp my comp is on high performance already.
umm i dont really have any [recommended] setting on my thing.
the game i'm trying is a fighting game, so is it considered pretty full of action and heavy?

okay i pressed the present button and its on safest (1) at the moment. when the game starts fps is 50 and ee is around 40. once i get to champion select both drop to 20 Wacko
I mean the Reccomended Speedhacks in PCSX2. (PCSX2 --> Config --> Emulation Settings --> Speedhacks) Smile

Whats the GS? Did you change it to Native Resolution in GSDX (plugins sections)?

Increase the preset to Balanced or Aggressive. More Aggressive more speed.
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SNK vs capcom SVC chaos
If not Try changing the round mode to none and clamp modes to nearest. Try this one : PCSX2 SVN

and use MTVU Hack (might help) in Speedhacks Sections. Smile
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the GS is 100% when the fps and ee goes low. i dont really know what this means.
i'm unable to set to native. when i go configure in plugins for GS, i tick native and press okay, a pop up appears saying my computer may have insufficennt resources or imcompatible hardware/drives
That means Graphics Card is the main cause for slowdown. Tongue2 Did you update the DirectX and use PCSX2 0.9.9. SVN.
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