is pcsx2 a videobandwith eater?
how much do you think is my motherboard pcie@4x only bottlenecking pcsx2 perf? Ninja

cpu is [email protected] (never@100% even when i don't getenought fps like in gt4)

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your graphics card is probably bottlenecking you; i doubt the PCI-e 4x speed is whats bottlenecking.

from benchmarks i've seen, 8x vs 16x doesn't make much of a difference.
so 4x vs 8x is probably around the same as well.
ok anyway we'll find out in a month, i'll digg out the topic by then... (is that proper english btw? lol => i'm french)
"dig" instead of "digg", but it was pretty good. I didn't have a problem understanding any of it Tongue2

anyways, what graphics card do you have now?
i can tell you somewhat if its bottlenecking you.
it's a 4850
nah man your good that Ati 4850 Should be Well Enough =]
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(12-15-2008, 11:45 PM)standrs Wrote: it's a 4850

i've seen people say nVidea cards perform better with GSdx than ATI's 4xxx cards.
i'm not sure if the latest ati drivers fixed this problem.

anyways, if you're going to upgrade for pcsx2, then its safest to go with nVidea.

but you should be getting decent speed with a 4ghz c2d + ATI 4850
As this is my first post, I gotta tell you that I'm french as well Tongue2

I just wanted to add that I own a C2D E8400 + HD3870 @stock speeds and frames never exceed 20 per second in Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex.

This a bit slow. Actually I can't say the game is playable because of that. Is this normal ?

I've been using playground for 1 day and i don't know everything about the settings.

Anyway, the whole team has done a very good for last past years.


Edit : using the following desktop

C2D E8400
4Go DDR 1066
Sapphire HD3870
XP x64
playing in windowed with default setting
I manage to get 30 fps almost constantly by enabling all speed Hacks and overclocking my HD3870 @820/1200
i'm almost fullspeed in gt, but i can't really reach it. in ffx however works flawless with aa8x. few games are emulated perfectly, even on a quite powerfull setup.

no french sorry

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