is shift+f8 broken?
On dx3d9 software renderer it dumps no mesh file. Only a bmp and a .gs. Has the feature been removed?

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Its only suppose to dump a BMP and GS file.

At least according to this

AKA this part "In the "snaps" folder of PCSX2 you will find two files with the name being like "gsdx_20150408134014" and the extensions being .gs and .bmp. The BMP is an image file snapshot of what you recorded. The .gs is the GS dump itself."
You need 0.9.8 for it to dump OBJs.It has been removed.
Edit:Don't expect too much from the dump though,since it has what might be a horrid perspective deform and no one has come out with a nice solution to that,or at least to my knowledge.
GS input is roughly the equivalent of the vertex shader output. So models already got projected on the scene/camera/eye plan.

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