is there any other way to play this in WinXp?
my OS is windows XP, service pack 2. directX is directx 0.9c.

my system spec is:

Pentium R dual core 2.60 GHZ
memory 2GB

video card: GFORCE 9400 GT, 512 mb memory.

hello Sir.. Is there any way to play PCSX2 0.9.7 with my current directx in my windows XP?.

please help me here.. i really want to play super robot taisen Z in my computer.

thanks in advance for your help.

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Do you have a problem running the emulator currently? What problem?

PCSX2 runs in Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7. Windows Vista/2008/7 have the advantage of being able to use DX10 graphics for less glitches and greater speed but 2000/XP/2003 run with DX9 fine too.
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ok. thanks because I installed 0.9.6 before and it ask me to update my directx when I start to run an ISO. so im stuck there.

anyway i install 0.9.7, right now the problem is i don't know how to run my ISO in my daemon tools.

how can i run the ISO (super robot taisen Z) that i mounted in daemon tools?.

i already config it in cdvdgagahertz and I choose the virtual dvd ram (daemon tools).

so if i click the system -> boot cdvd -> and it let me choose something thing and if i choose the drive where the iso is mounted, it opens the contents of the iso and i don't know what to choose. here is the pic:

[Image: PCSX2.jpg]

thanks sir for your help.


i already configure the dvd drive:
[Image: pcsx2-2.jpg]

and here is the iso mounted in the virtual drive:
[Image: pcsx2-3.jpg]

ok. thanks by the way. i choose different CDVD. i choose Linuz ISO and I choose and i run the ISo directly. it runs now. ill just need to configure this.

i thank you mate for your reply. thanks ^_^

thanks thanks it runs at 59 to 60 fps. damn it so damn good ^_^
First off DONT mount the game with daemon tools or any other program. Pcsx2 has iso plugins(linuziso) and an internal iso loader in 9.7. Second directx has many diffrent revisions not just dx9/10/11, so it it asks you to update just do it and it should work just fine.
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^ 0.9.7 is pretty sweet.yeah, it has an option before you install it that automatically updates your directx.

i thought 0.9.7 was the same as 0.9.6 where directx needed is above 10 (directx10 and above). and when it gives me a choice to update (pcsx 0.9.6), it provides a dead link.

XP directx is only upto 9.0. thanks God directx 9.0 works in 0.9.7 ^_^

ok it looks like Im gonna ditch the daemon tools now.

anyway thanks mates for your answers. ^_^

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