is there any patch or advice to make 2x or 3x software possible?
ico and sotc can use hardware make same video put like software... (bloom, shadow, game effect etc...)
question is: in pcsx2 next version can we get something like 2x or even 6x software video put option?
or this never gonna happen?
if someone doing good, he leak the sony ps2's original system... which meam it can run ps2 file perfect in 2001 pc... i know its illegal... but if we make it in pcsx2...
sony cant stop us, right?

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Scaled software emulation? Not likely. Upscaling is a hack in itself and software rendering is meant to match the actual PS2 graphics, so you can forget that Tongue
And even if the PS2 code is leaked, it would still be illegal to use it and base the emulator on that code. Of course, unless someone can prove that you used said code as a base no one can do anything about it, but i don't believe anyone here would do that. Besides, the PS2 requires a beefy computer because you're emulating an entirely different system architecture which is completely alien to that of modern computers.

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