is this possible?
just wandering, i have a fat ps2, with code breaker and it can load from usb, is there anyway i can load my save game on the pcsx2 emulator onto my ps2?

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1.Export your save from your pcsx2 memory card with mymc(the format doesn't matter)
2.Open the exported save with PS2 Save Builder
3.Save the save as cbs
4.Place that file into your usb drive and a believe you know the rest

The other way around the the same way(almost)
1.Copy the save to your usb by using code breaker
2.Import the cbs file to your pcsx2 memory card by using mymc
where do i get ps2 save builder and mymc

Google is your friend
well you gave me the programs so now your my friend LOL

thanks homie
thx guys i tried what yall said it worked Laugh

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