is this scene in metal gear solid 3: snake eater meant to be all black
i reached the part in which snake snuck into grozny grad and met sokolov. after that volgin came in and beat the crap out of snake then snake fainted. next you are asked if u want to save

after that the next scene was all black. i only could see the health bar and stamina bar in the upper left, the camo index in the upper right and the english subtitles for whatever was said. in that scene a woman was begging volgin to stop beating someone. after that the next scene started and the graphics returned to normal and volgin was carrying a bucket

was that previous scene meant to be all black or were there supposed to be graphics?

i am using directx11 hardware mode with 2x native. i even switched to software mode. also all black

EDIT: i just saw that scene on youtube. it is all black. problem solved Smile

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