iso issues
ok so im hoping someone here can see what im missing here cause ive tried everything within my knowlege.

the problem is that its not reading the iso i have for a .hack game. it should work according to the compatibility charts. And my bios seems to work just fine when i ran it on both versions (9.6 and 9.7). But every time i try and either run by iso or by the virtual CD/DVD drive it crashes before it loads.

the bios im using is a US consol, v01.60(07/02/2002).

when i select CDVD i either choose Linuz Iso CDVD (with either the iso file itself or the loaded iso file on the virtual drive) or i choose cdvdGigaherz (under the virtual drive selected).

if you think its the iso that is messed up can anyone supply me with a clean rom of the .hack series (original 4 games) *megaupload prefered*

but any help would be most apreciated.

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that's your problem. The pirated roms are bad dumps. and by the way, the games run 100% PERFECT on pcsx2. go out and buy yourself a real copy so you can enjoy this game.
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