issues running games with an amd six core
to whom it may concern,

I recently tried to get a few games (of which i own) to work with psx 0.9.8. Due to a recent seperation of my parents I'm in between houses at the moment so i figured id try it out. What seems to boggle my mind is that my pc is a power house as far as im concerned and should have no problems running it

windows 7 64 bit
amd fx-6100 six core
10 gig ddr3 memory
1.5 tb hdd
radeon hd 7450 dedicated 1 gig
hp pavilion h8-1214

I have already read multiple setup guides and have done some research to find out that psx2 only needs a max of 2 cores i believe so I'm wondering if theres anyway to change that or something. I tried to run nfs most wanted and got it almost to where i want it but the sound is a bit choppy and i will hear random staticy "blips" in the background at times. the reason I want to go with the pcsx2 version of nfs compared to pc version is because its faster for me to download and aquire then the pc version.

[Image: rockjock3.jpg]

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Quote:I recently tried to get a few games (of which i own)

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