it is possible to zoom screen on pcsx2?
it is possible to zoom the screen on pcsx2? like a camera hack or something that lets you zoom the game screen


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have you tried maximizing the window? Tongue
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yes, i just wanted to take some screen shots and if i could zoom the characters even more than the normal but the game camera is really bad (like p4)
Use an internal resolution of something like x6, and use GSdx screenshot function (F8). It won't zoom anything, but if all you want is high-res pictures of something particular, that'll do it and you can just crop whatever you don't need. As long as the game doesn't use any kind of LOD shenanigans, it should be pretty much the same.
oh well nevermind.. you can zoom actually!

gs window: xxx.xx (ctrl+/crtl-)

makes really good zooms

took me a while to figure it out though

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