joystick mapper issue Please help
So i have been pulling out my hair trying to figure out how all of this works on pcsx2. I finally figure it out and the controls on the keyboard are terrible. no biggie i would rather use a controller anyway. SO i have my DS4 control its connected via bluetooth. and i went and paid for joystick mapper. I have also been looking through forms and youtube videos. So i understand how to map my controller. I did not like the options for pad1 and they somehow got deleted. No biggie i set up what i liked for pad 2 with just the necessary buttons for this game. I set it up in pcsx2 and then also mapped it in joystick mapper. now my only problem is i cannot seem to get it connected. However when i test it on DX joystick i see that buttons correlate in the test and i make sure that pad 2 is highlighted and so is dx joystick and click okay. then launch the game after and nothing works. not even up or down or x. Please someone help me i can provide screen shots if necessary. I am completely new at this and have been able to figure out how to do everything but set up the controls which in my mind should be the easiest part. Please help me I have looked on other forms and youtube videos and they just do not work. I want to rip my hair out. please don't just send me a link to youtube to a video i have watched.  Wacko

thank you so much for all your help  Tongue

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Man, PAD2 represents controller 2. PAD1 is just your primary controller. Reset your bindings inside of JoystickMapper. Btw JoystickMapper has to be open and running for your controller to work & the preset has to be selected.

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