just one problem
Hi guys
this is manno , i'm a new member here and this is my first time using pcsx2 that iam really surprise about ,so i'd like to give a great thanks to its programmers and performers.

i face a problem using it i dont get exactly what means so i thought if u can help me as i cannot load any game at all

I get an error in the console window saying (No Accelerated IMDCT transform found. ) then the program is closed its self
SO What u see should i do about that ?
thanks alot

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That's not an error just a warning.

You didn't mention what games did you try, what pcsx2 version you use, what's your PC specs or PCSX2 settings so it's difficult to help like that.

Try the latest beta if you aren't already:
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1-i tried gta 4 *iso img , i heard the game is played with more speed in this mode
2-the version i dont know it doesnt seem to be attached to the program but the folder says its version pcsx2 valeriok 0.9.6 (pre-beta)
3- well , my settings is not very high as my video card is 125mb and processor 2.6 ghz , windows 7 x32
so i keep the resolution invert and using direct x 9 though i have directx 11 installed on my pc

Wish it can help
thanks shadow
1 - ??? gta 4 isn't a PS2 game...
2 - Erase this crap and download offical latest beta instead. http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PCSX2-0-9...-installer
3 - update your directx 11 to its latest version
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Manno using dx11 will give some more speed and plz mention the game
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