just to know the situation xD
i have:
CPU: Pentium 4 530 @ 3Ghz
MoBo: Asus P5SD2-VM
Ram: 2048 DDR2
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8400GS @ 512 Mb
will i be able to play: naruto accel 2, FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, KH and other rpg game such s grandia persona, smt:notcrune??? thx in advice and thx anyone of this forum for the great work on this emulator ^_^

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nope. that 8400GS will be your undoing. (I had one) get an 8600GT if you can
even with hyperthreading your cpu probably won't be able to achieve playable fps in all the games you mentioned. your best chance would be to get the latest official beta of pcsx2 + plugins pack and to try ffx or kh, run them as isos from your hdd with linuziso and set your gsdx to native, crank up the speed hacks.
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hey guyz xD back from holydays.. tryed some games and well... the situation sucks but.. i'm going to be promoted and so my parents will buy me a new pc and i wanna ask u if with spec i can play most of ps2 game ( still interested in the ff series kh and other)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 4x2.33Ghz
MoBo: Asrock G31M-GS
and if with this spec i should use vista... hope that with this pc i can finally play pcsx2 Smile thx in advice byez ^_^
try to get a faster cpu, doesn't matter if it is dual core (preferably a Core 2 Duo E8600), since Quad-core is unsupported on the emu and therefore is useless here
altought FFX and KH will be at full fps with that CPU, since mine is almost all the time and is slower...
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You might get FFX playable, but don't have high expectations.
wow Ohmy xD i expected more with that specs xd so.. the most powerful ore 2 cpu and i'm done? cuz.. the gpu i think that is perfect.. one of the ultimate 1gb of memory. should be ok
having 1GB doesnt meen its a good GPU
[Image: 1454055.png]
It's a pretty weak card sorry... recommended one for PCSX2 is 8600gt or higher.
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The second digit on Nvidia card models really determine its power. The higher the better. For example, a 6800 will always beat a 7200, even if 7200 < 6800. There's also the GTX series, but those are pretty pricey.

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