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hi, this is my first time doing ps2 emulations. i finally got all the settings right to let me play ffx. i go through and just use the standard settings that come up when it asks me to configure except for i enable nloop hack on GSdX 9 and i enable a 1.5x speed hack. i click run cdvd and i can go through the opening cinematics all the way to the start menu. but once i hit the start menu none of my keystrokes are recorded on the emulator. i can hit what i want while in the opening cinematics and it wont skip to the start menu and once in the start menu i can do nothing. i have tried changing around my settings and plugins everywhich way but they dont seem to work. can some one please help me.

for keyboard plugins i have lilypad 0.9.11, ssspsx pad plugin pressure mod 1.7.0, and twinpad: PadWinK mod 0.7.0

EDIT: i also noticed in lilypad's device diagnostics it states "ignore keyboard" this could be the problem but i dont know how to change it.

EDIT2: i have also noticed that lilypad is erasing my configurations as soon as i click ok. i can set all the keystrokes and save it and then hit ok. but if i go back to configure it they are all gone immediately. the save file is there but i have to load it.

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did you really have to post this in 3 places? Tongue
(06-14-2009, 10:33 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: did you really have to post this in 3 places? Tongue

im sorry, i just really wanna fix this problem its been bugging me forever Smile
Keep it in one thread...closed.
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