keyboard shortcut "Synchronizing Mix"
hello I'm from Argentina, I'm doing this post using google translator, first I thank you sincerely for their SVN not know what gave support both the emulator, thank you very much, now a doubt, I like to play games with the audio Synchronizing Mix in Async Mode, but when you see any audio presentation is late and it is very annoying for the game works perfect, but on videos or presentations have that problem, so for videos and presentations I have to switch to TimeStretch, finally my question is if there is a keyboard shortcut to switch between the Synchronizing Mode? I would of great help as exchange so just start a presentation and would return to another mode when you finish.

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if the sound in the video lags or stutter

probably reduce "EE cycle rate" Speedhack
Why u switching betwenn async mix & timestretch.
I think timestretch is fine for all games.if audio is breaking in videos u mean cutscenes then probably it should be speedhacks.
Reduce EE cycle rate to 1 or 0 or completely turn off speedhacks.
Because i know it is cause of speedhacks.
First i have also this problem with Midnight Club 2 game,then i reduced EE cycle rate to 1 or 0,i don't remember.then it solved Smile
lol i already said the same thing Tongue

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