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kh1 problems plzz help
so i finally fixed the graphics problem and now when i get to a certain point in the gain a cutsecne freezes in a continous loop where there is supposed to be more talking. i know others have made it through the whole game so im sure its just a configuration problem on my part.

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This is where im stuck at

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Disable all speed hacks and set the EE and VU options back to default, then load from a memory card and try passing that spot again. If this still doesn't work, remake your ISO image from your dvd disc using imgburn
[Image: newsig.jpg]
it worked should i just play the rest of the game with the speedhacks off and the other things set to default????
No I guess the recommended speed hacks should not break the game, so you can use them.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
okay thnx for the help again

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