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I am about to start making my own computer, however I am stuck on one little thing. I am thinking of getting the Intel Core i7 950 Processor BX80601950 3.06GHz for around 569$. I do see the Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Processor BX80601975 - 3.33GHz at 999$, however I am wondering if there is a big diff in just .27GHz . I am aware that the i7 975 has a unlock mode but I really don't like pushing a computer to hard.
Any help would be great I am hopeful going to order the cpu tonight.

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How do people have that much money to burn? Get the 975..
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No, there is absolutely no reason to pay the extra for that tiny bit... If you want that little performance boost, do an overclock... it'd be incredibly easy to get that extra amount.
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Right, overclocking is a very cheap way to get the same or more performance out of an i7 920 even.
If you don't want to do that (although it's really easy nowadays), and you want every bit of performance,
and you can afford it, then yeah, get whatever intels top offering is.
(Silly thing to do, imo Tongue2 )
Considering you just said that you dont like to Overclock too hard, I would say just get the i7 920 and spend the extra money on nice hdds or graphics cards. Most people take their CPU to 4GHz these days and the performance should be the same for a 975 and 920 @ the same clock. Unless you think you will go beyond that point then paying the premium does seem a little silly. If you're really set on the 950, there isn't anything different to say. Smile
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unlocked multiplier is not very useful thouht its better to increase the bus, i usually adjust multiplier just to cool down my processor which is less noise
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I think that better way to wait i5-670 or i5-650.
FYI, I have a Core i7 920 that overclocked with stock cooling to 3.33ghz and consistently gives me ~7,500 passmarks. Cost like, $299, i think? The difference in cost is not proportional to the difference in output...

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