kindom hearts 2 version??
hey, im new to the forum and just wanted to say hi ;p

anyways i was wondering if the emulator can run kingdom hearts 2 final mix. i know from looking at the forums that it can run the PAL version but im not sure about the final mix.

thank you

btw: is there any version of kindom hearts 2 that the emulator runs better with than any other version?

once again thank you

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No, I think.
There are no version that the emulator runs better.
And for the final mix version, I habe some videos:
Sora vs Terra
Sora vs Roxas
Sora vs Sephiroth

Next time, ask please in other thread. There are many threads about KH2
There is no "best running" version. All versions of KH2 work just fine now. That thread is misleading; I've tried both the American (NTSC) version and Final Mix +. Both work just great, so there is no need to worry. Only thing is, I'm fairly certain Re:Chain of Memories has problems, so that might not work well. Otherwise FM+ works perfectly (more or less).
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