kingdom hearts 2 final mix color issue
kingdom hearts 2 final mix is a bit problematic for me. whenever i run it, everything is mostly shades of blue. i notice there are a few "correct color" frames whenever i pause the game but it turns back blue immediately.

i am using direct3d 11 hardware and the only time i fix this issue is when i turn it to direct3d 9 hardware which i don't know if i really want to.

i run most settings on default except for custom resolution 1280x720. i set the aspect ratio to 16:9 widescreen since i have a widescreen/60fps patch for the game. 

here's a video of what it looks like:

i may have the same problem as this guy:

i even have similar hardware. 

gpu: gtx 960m 
cpu: i7-6700hq
os: windows 10 64bit

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1 - Whic pcsx2 version ?
2 - what about OGL renderer ?
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i'm using the latest stable release pcsx 1.4.0.

i haven't tried ogl yet. is that supposed to be better? i can't try it right now so i'll give an update later.
opengl fixes it, every renderer works except dx11 hardware.

and i also found another solution. i changed the internal resolution to those x2,3,4 native options instead of custom resolution. i can use dx11 hardware so that also works for some reason.

correct me if i'm wrong but don't most games on ps2 run closer to resolutions closer to a 4:3 aspect ratio? if i use a widescreen patch, does that change the native resolution? so what is the most efficient way to get 1280x720 then?

sorry if i'm asking too much, i just to learn more from this emulator.
(12-20-2016, 11:20 PM)nixiejames Wrote: correct me if i'm wrong but don't most games on ps2 run closer to resolutions closer to a 4:3 aspect ratio?

If you look at the upper part of the PCSX2 emulation window, you'll see the current internal resolution. Use native to check what the original resolution is. From the games that I've played, most of them are 512x448 and some of them are 640x448. So in most cases it's a 1.142857:1 aspect ratio (just internally. The game is made to be seen at 4:3 with a little variability). With a widescreen hack, that resolution is just stretched to the aspect ratio you will use.

What will happen when you increase the resolution with the native multipliers is that you will either have an overkill vertical resolution if you adjust it for the X axis, a lacking horizontal resolution if you adjust it for the Y axis, or lacking/overkill in both cases. It will never have a good balance for 16:9 unless you use a custom resolution (which can produce some problems in some games, so use at your own risk, etc).
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thank you.

custom resolution doesn't work right now so i'm using x3 native which is good enough for me. weird that that's only 1536x1344 and anything above looks negligible on my 1080p monitor.

i'm hoping they fix the custom resolutions problem next release.
Reason for why anything higher is negligible is because you are running at more then 1080p since 1080p is 1920x1080 and 3x is 1536x1344 as 1344 is higher then 1080 which is the vertical resolution as horizontal doesn't matter in this case as you are comparing a 16:9 res aka 1080p to a 4:3 resolution 1344.
masterotaku said that with a widescreen hack, resolution is just stretched to the aspect ratio you will use. But if i use true 1080p resolution (1920x1080) with the hack, doesn't that mean that nothing will be stretched?

in my case, i have a 1080p monitor, widescreen hack is enabled, but the horizonal resolution is only 1536, so pixels are stretched horizontally. maybe the reason i don't see much difference above 3x is because of how far i look at the screen. in theory, 4x should look better, and 5x above should not because that's beyond my monitor.
for the widescreen patches it stretches 2d elements like the HUD and menus but 3d elements like the main game is true widescreen. As I said its the VERTICAL THAT MATTERS NOT HORIZONTAL.

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