kingdom hearts 2 final mix help
so not sure if answer is somewhere its the middle of the night while writing and have been looking for an answer. so i can basically run the game fine with decent fps but, recently whenever i acces the menu after going to another world or area the gs goes down a lot and when i exit the menu it stops and goes back to normal. any advice would really suffice right now. also im not really good with advanced stuff

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Is this the original game of patched to English?
GS doesn't have to do as much on menu's as it does on 3D geometry and effects.
well yeah i am but i am using Xeeynamo's patch which is suuposed to be complete. thats the patch im using if it helps
Are you using the newest version(rev5)?
I cleared the whole game on my PS2 without any problems.

What are your pcsx2/plugins settings
yes i am using the latest patch rev5 and my settings

as for teh gsdx configuration i use the direct3d9 hardware
with native resolution.
Looks like you are not using the default settings for EE/IOP and VUs...try using them
well i tried but the same result for some reason going into the menu makes it lag. along with getting black screened on xigbar's boss fight which is probably a different problem. man why now it worked so well before.

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