kingdom hearts 2 help
you can see my laptop setting in the attached file.

.txt   DxDiag.txt (Size: 27,95 KB / Downloads: 409)
i use 097, you can see my graphics setting in the other attached file.

i have 2 questions

.txt   DxDiag.txt (Size: 27,95 KB / Downloads: 409)         : first is ican only play using the reboot CDVD (fast)
and not the (full) not sure it's it's important or not. so what am i doing wrong?

and the other question:
the game works a little bit slowly. so I wanted to ask about the options that can speed the game up.
which ones i should try before the others?
i mean i tried clicking 'native' and tough it works and made the game works fine, it also made it look like ..crap..

so basically im asking, beside 'native' what is the recommened order when trying speed hacks? or other things that helps speed?
thank you.

oh and if you say what also add in ur answer the negative effect of the ones you suggests- if it's graphics or game crushes or idono, you must know better.

thx again


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