kingdom hearts 2 playable?
is kh2 playable yet? i would just play it on my ps2 but ps2 on an hdtv becomes pixelated and really terrible to look at. i have the SLUS 21005GH NTSC U/C version

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no one knows we havent gotten any reports on KH2 and PP yet but i did test KH Chain of memories and it didnt work it kept crashing
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix is working.

FMV is perfect and at full speed with the speed hacks and very little in-game graphics glitches from what I have seen, I'm only at the start of the game so can't say anything about later game.
well i just tried it and i get a big gray screen about 2 minutes into the game after the FMV's Sad
Known issue...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Sewje what were your configuration settings for the game? when i try to run kh2 fm+ in the beginning the FMV runs VERY slowly
Sewje- Not to crush you're hopes and dreams or anything, but I too had perfect FMV, great speed sound, everything. Occasional grey screen errors which were manageable. No, the problems appear when munny, health and items start dropping, gaining levels and excessive use of magic. Extreme slowdown with no cure. 5 fps, max. You could still play the game, honestly, but whats the point if you can't fight in an action game?
^that is very true lol
in new rev KH2FM+ works perfectly, no frame drops or gray screens. ^^

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