kingdom hearts 2 problem
Hi everyone, been trying to solve this by myself the last few hours but i aint making progress even after having read most bug posts or help posts on this forum.

the problem is about Kingdom hearts 2 and it's after you have finished the deep jungle level with tarzan and jane and the bunch of em... after you finished it you get to see a few cinematics, first opening the keyhole, then the "evil dudes" talking and theres the first problem, the last 3 dialouge lines don't show, just the third then that one overlaps the other two

after that it goes back to show a "in game cinematic" with sora, donald, goofy, tarzan and jane in the telt and for some reason old dialouge lines show up, 3 of them, and the game "stops" it doesn't freeze but you can't get any further, the line "ow, my head" is stuck and the game just hovers at the same place forever charackters still "moving" like they do when they talk.. wagging their asses or how to explain it...

[Image: config.jpg]
these are my configurations

i have tried with and without speed hacks, all different kind of pcsx2 versions and also with the "advanced" flush to zero configurations, at the moment everything is at default, nothing has worked.

thanks in advance for any response or help.

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i remember seeing the fix for that on ngemu a long time ago, that was how i solved it but i can't remember exactly in what topic i found it in. Sad
Windows 7 64bit
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 OC to 3.6GHz, Intel GMA x4500, 1GB DDR2

NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
thanks, i'll look there but "a long time ago" might have made it harsh to find Smile

any other help would be appretiated, still thanks for the hint.

Edit: well... can't get in to ngemu at all apparently... neither their main site or their forums are up :s...
hi, currently im trying to play KH 2 too, but i constantly getting gray screen while playing early in the do you pass that?

i think the grey screen thing is from Chain of Memories, got it when i tried playing that but havn't gotten it once during kingdom hearts 2, still can't find a solution for the deep jungle problem though... downloaded the beta version and played through it all again, same problem there :s...
no, im playing KH 2 at the moment, just got to the part where roxas is fighting the first boss and then the screen went grey, can u share me your settings pls?

im currently using pcsx playground, what are ur gdsx,cpu,gamefixes,speedhacks, and advanced settings? Can u pls share it with me? much appreciated thx
as of now i solved my own problem by switching some settings together with the beta release, but i wont ask for help about it since it's not supported Tongue2

as for alungs gray screens, i'd switch to PCSX2 0.9.5 SVN Rev. 377 wich is under downloads "public beta"

and as for my settings
speed hacks

these settings together with my specs:

windows vista home edition 32 bit
intel core quad Q6600 2.4ghz
geforce 8600 GT

makes for a almost... note "Almost" flawless kingdom hearts 2 got some graphic bugs here and there but nothing major and had 2 crashes as of far, i've just completed my 6th world.

i also uppdated my computers drivers and DX, don't see how it should have done any difference though since i did it 2 weeks ago, but it's working so i aint complaining.

i hope it helps, it did for me. Smile
hey thanks for sharing but still i don't know why using ur settings make mine always crash after getting into battle...maybe it's the hardware or the drivers...again thanks for sharing bro Smile
np, i'm new to this to so havn't understood very much yet, still trying to figure out some functions myself. Smile

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