kingdom hearts 2. wierd graphic glitches.
look heres a pic:

the game works perfect (60 FPS) but ive got those glitches. and its REALLY annoying. what can i do about it? my specs:
[email protected]
2 GM RAM 800mhz
88GTS 512MB (G92, above the 88GT 512 )

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Try enabling logarithmic Z from GSdx(btw I almost can't see what's the problem...I played KH2 maybe 1 year ago and I don't remember every detail)or/and use Native and Texture Filtering
tried. still got it. and believe me its very annoying then it looks. sometimes i just cant see the textures. of the stores floor etc.
BUMP! i need help. plz =[
What are your settings,are you using hacks and what plugins you're using.I've played now the last 6 battles of the game and I didn't see a single problem(well except some "freezes" during one of the battles but I find out which hack makes the game to "freeze" on that battle).
I also go to the Mulans wold...everything there is ok too.
gsdx 890 SSE3 0.1.14
pixel shader 3.0
interlacing none
Nloop gray
texture filtering black
log Z black
alpha black

speed hacks

the 4 options on

on both clamp none and on both FTZ and DAZ- on

can u plz screenshot ur config?
I'm using the newest svn(compiled it myself)but you can get it form everywhere in the net or almost the newest beta from here.

I don't have special settings because I'm using pcsx2 only for tests and I change my setting completely every time when I'm testing something.

When I was playing KH2 now I use the newest pcsx2 beta and plugins and my settings was:
GSdx - DX9(Hardware because I'm using XP and I don't have DX10 card),Pixel Shader 3(on some games using Pixel Shader 2 can lead for graphical problems),Native,Texture Filtering(checked not grayed) and Logarithmic Z(I don't know if really need's it,I didn't check and it's on becouse on the other games I test this option is needed to be on).Everything else is disabled
For sound...since I'm testing,not playing I use ZeroSPU2 and mute is checked(SPU2-X will give you better quality but will make the game little slower(2-5fps slower))
Pad - LilyPad
CDVD - Linuzapps ISO or CDVD(the Gabest CDVD plugin)
Again,since I'm testing I don't use memory card and that gives me little speed boost(2-5)
CPU - Everything is on and if I use VU-Skip the values are 60,60,2,4
Speed Hack - EEx3,IOPx2 and the newest speed hack VU Cycle Stealing to max(INTC sync hack freeze this game sometimes...the game doesn't continue,it's lite the jungle freeze on KH1 if you remember or have played that game on 0.9.2 or 0.9.4)
Advanced - For Round Modes - Crop/Zero,Clamp Modes - Normal,and all FTZ and DAZ are enabled.
mmm...still got this problom. its really annoying!! ><
(04-18-2009, 09:43 PM)exnaruto Wrote: mmm...still got this problom. its really annoying!! ><

If there is a place that you always get that problem(to go there and check)
i didnt even started the game. its a new game. the first place in the game. when i move the floor and the pics of the armor shop and the edges of the builds are like that.(like in the picture in the floor and where i need to see the jewel shop

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