kingdom hearts f85a82266b2aebc526c0fb7350d2739ac2cd4b2174a8f99824dc578361
Hello I've download Kingdom Hearts 1 from a torrent site and contains a file of 2.57 GB weight with the name f85a82266b2aebc526c0fb7350d2739ac2cd4b2174a8f99824dc578361 but without extension, I thought that it was an ISO image so I changed its extension adding ".iso" to the end of the name but when I try to load it with PCSX2 v1.2.1 it doesn't work out. I also tried to mount the image with daemon tools but it doesnt recognize it. Did someone else got this problem?
pleaseeeee I really love this game and I want to play it, help meeeee

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