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kingdom hearts keyboad problems
hi, i finaly got my pcsx2 working, fixed the game and it started normaly, however, when i try to move there is no respond, i can use o,x,triangle and all of those buttons, but i cant move, ive config the buttons on the d-pad and the right analog (right for right, left for left, up for up, down for down) and for the d-pad ( s-up, x-down, z-left, d-right, since im using wasd for triangle,o,x ad square) i have no clue how to fix it. have i done it wrong?

- newbieTongue



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You configured the directions on the right analog stick? Well theres your problem. You need movement configured to the left analog stick.
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i figured it out, i didnt apply the settings when i was done with the analog / d-pad, thanks anyway
No problem,glad u solved it Smile

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