kingdom hearts re chain of memories help
ok so i own the game and my ps2 recently went down i made an iso image of KH RE CoM everything works great till i get to the first heartless battle after the tutorial i enter the battle and the screen goes white no battle load or anything im working with pcsx2 r1888 the beta build any suggestions? i have no gamefixes on everything is default in the advanced tab and my speed hacks are all on im using gsdx1873 ssse3 ver. lpease help and my laptop i bought is from 2007 so its pretty up-to-date i get between 45 and 60 fps by the looks of it i get some knid of internal hang-up please help

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What is your system specs? being a 2007 computer doesnt really mean anything...
Try with all speedhacks turned off, people used to just let themselfs lose to the heartless to continue that part so try that and also try the PCSX2 0.9.6 release.
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actually i read in the other thread of bug reports about KH RE CoM and i read thru 4 pages and finally came to a soloution with it i been playing it for a couple hours now but thanks for your help
Can you please say youre solution because i appear to have the same problem.
And if there is no way to fix it then do you know of a way to fight the whole organisation in kh2 final mix?
ok my soloution was to turn off the microv0 and v1 hack in the CPU tab use GSdx plugin and make sure the native option is ticked under it also what version of pcsx2 are you using if you need help you should post your config settings and version of emu your using otherwise im just as lost as you and my attachments have some memory card files with KH RE CoM past the freeze up part that i made since people are asking for them
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