hi guys. I have a problem with my computer and emulator. I'm newbie on this, so i dont know how to corectly configurate my emulator, because when i try to play dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi, it is lagging.
Runnig on:
intel® Core™ i3-2330M [email protected]
RAM 3.00GB
NVIDIA GeForceGT 540M 1gb RAM
It is a laptop

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That's how to correctly configure your emulator.
I watched this video, but i think that for each computer are each configurations. Also when I go to config--> video(GS)--> plugin settings and then when i sould selected renderer, there is no directx11, it could be problem? becouse now directx10 selected
How many computer are there in the world do you think? It would be chaostic if there were different settings for them.

There is no "magical setting" that can boost a game up. Speedhack is the last hope, and when it fails, you have to accept the fact that you have a weak PC. Sad

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