laptop user :( how fix?
i have a toshiba satellite l455 with a mobile intel IV express chip

2gb ram

[email protected] intel celeron processor

quick edit
running win7 64x home premium

can i run pcsx2? i cant wait to get my ps2 with my hard drives from home >.>


ps the 2001 quote is my background. very ironic >.<

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Without the exact model number... I can't be sure... I think your CPU is just plain too old. A CPU must support SSE2 instructions as the bare minimum, and even then a 2.2ghz (presumably) single core processor probably won't even be enough for playing 2d PS2 games... The intel onboard graphics all but assure that even if your CPU did have the supported instructions, it would still likely not work or not work satisfactorily.
its a celeron (!!) 900 with 2,2ghz

and imho its waaaaaaaaaaay to slow
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I have to agree with the others, your CPU is too slow.

I'm even surprised it can run Win 7 64-bit at all...
To answer your question, yes it can probably RUN the program but not at decent speed for games.
But it also depends on what games you want to run aswell.

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