last try.. low fps on racing games
very low fps in car racing games
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Hi, few days ago I installed PCSX2, an gangster game worked cool around 27-50FPS
I bought games (not obtained games illegalli) i have 21 original games also i am owner of real ps2 photos (taken with n9 by Erik Kubica at Slovakia, Mu┼żla, house number 646):
[Image: qpq789.jpg]
[Image: 24o7dpi.jpg]
[Image: 20qga5h.jpg]
[Image: qrap2x.jpg]

So i want to play need for speed..

Now i tried car racing game it have 3-13FPS(3 in checking for memory card message.. WTF?!) and newer version of the game also 15-60FPS (60 is in menu)

PCSX2 (svn) version
Linux mint Petra(16) 64Bit based on Ubuntu 13.10
Intel i5 2.5GHz (3.2 at turboboost) - i am using performance scaling
8GB of ram 1600mhz + 5 GB swap
Intel HD 4000 Graphics

I am using GSdx plugin with checked:
1. native resolution
2. AA1
3. OpenGL Software (when switch to hardware its worst)

Sound is configured for async and quality PS2-Like/Slow
Thank you :-)

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if at least the games you mentioned earlier were on those photos, I would have let it go.
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