latest PCSX2 version that is compatible with Win7
I am aware that Windows 7 is no longer supported, but one of my computers is still running on it. I have installed and used PCSX2 stable release 1.6.0 on Win7 x64, and it works quite well, but it needs to be used offline. Unfortunately, 1.6.0 does not have the built-in connectivity feature of the latest version, and I have been unable to find a way to add connectivity to it. The latest PCSX2 release (1.7.4 as of this writing) and several other 1.7.x versions are not compatible with Win7 64x. I need to use PCSX2 online for a friend, or I wouldn't be dealing with this issue.

Therefore, I have two questions: What is the latest PCSX2 version that is compatible with Win7? Is there a compatible version that includes the network module?

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None of the new ones do that work on windows 7. Use 1.6 with the CLR-DEV9 plugin from here
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