latest gsdx 4426 compared with 3876
not a showstopper by any means just something has changed,but using 3876 when going into the menu in final fantasy 12 u can see the game screen basically paused behind the menu in the latest revision it resorts to garble now i will up a screen shot soon if no one else can verify this as well
just thought id let someone know

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Nice find Smile
It's not a GSdx issue though, it's a PCSX2 path messup.
I'm on it.
how can i get the latest version of gsdx,anyway?could you give me a download link? thanks!
Dubylee, you'll need to compile PCSX2 from source code. You can download the source code with svn [1]. You can follow compilation guides - there is one for Windows [2] and other for Linux [3] (don't know what is your system).

glad someone knew what i was talking about =D it was only a fluke as ive just been compiling every compule of days and comparing them to the last official
this issue was fixed in r4438, enjoy Smile
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sweet, cheers for the heads up

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