left analog stick in top left direction not working
to help explain this i will describe the left analog stick in compass directions: north, south, north east etc

specifically i am using a switch pro controller with BetterJoyForCemu program to let me use it while wired
i currently have the latest version of pcsx2 (not the developer version)

i am encountering this problem in ratchet and clank (iso)

i set up the controller and every single button works aswell as well as the analog sticks except for one thing

more specifically the left analog stick doesn't work while pointing it to the north east direction. both north and east directions work on their own but when used together as north east it doesn't work. (other combinations like south west, north west and south east work fine)

an easy example to describe this in game is that i cant select the top left weapon with the weapon selection wheel (see attachment) 

i haven't tried this with other games so im not sure if its the iso's problem (ill be downloading another game soon to test)

Thanks for any help

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an update
the same problem occurs in another game
annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd i somehow fixed the problem by messing with a bunch of settings
i don't quite know how i fixed it but its fixed

im not sure how to close the thread

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