lilypad doesn't want to save settings
I know there were lots of threads like this and that running pcsx2 with administrator rights should solve this problem.
The thing is, it doesn't.
I've tried administrator rights, changing disk permissions and even logging onto windows' builded-in administrator account and making it through there. Nothing helped.
The most irritating thing is that I have this problem with lilypad only, everything else works flawless.
I saw also that while clicking accept/ok it makes LilyPad.ini so it has permissions to make files.

Can someone help me with this? Or is there a plugin that adds full support to the pad analogue sticks so I can move ingame in more than just 8 directions?

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use the binary ( here is the link for it ) not full installer ( if you used it )
Huh, worked immediatly. Thank you!

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