lilypad not saving settings, (ONLY lilypad)
I have changed my vista settings long ago so that everything I run automatically runs as an admin, however for saving someone posting "try it anyway", I have.
Everything else saves fine, graphic settings, which plug ins, speed hacks etc.
Lilypad refuses to save anything. 10 and other revisions more current of it.
Folder installed to was also moved just to avoid someone replying back with the admin thing again.
Is there any other pad plug ins? I've looked around but who knows maybe I missed one. Even only using the keyboard would be fine for me instead of a controller at this point.

I wouldn't mind a direction towards an SVN to compile a pad plug in either if that is all you know I can do. I attempted the lilypad plugin on the PCSX2 google code site but it's failed for the past 2 months on compiling with no new updates for it.

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Yes there is TwinPad (it's on our downloads section )
So you have disabled UAC,you're admin of the PC AND you are right clicking the pcsx2.exe and using 'Run as Administrator'?
That's pretty strange. Did you try deleting the lilypad.ini in the ini folder just in case something got corrupt
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SSX pad could help you, maybe.
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"Did you try deleting the lilypad.ini in the ini folder just in case something got corrupt "
Never thought of that one lol, I'll give it a go
and thanks on both recommends for the alternate pads I'll give em a shot too and be back Laugh

deleting the .ini didnt work for me
However twinpad did after adding in the vista fix Laugh
Awesome, now I can test out the latest SVN build. Thanks guys Laugh
P.S. Can you say performance boost? Holy moly.
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