linux pcsx2 cheat folder
Hi I'm using Ubuntu Natty 32bit

I'm succeed with installing pcsx2 0.9.8 and already play some games.
I got problem to finding the correct cheats folder for pcsx2, it keep saying can't find the file.

The cheats file I use is from my windows machine. It works there so I just copy it to my linux box ( problem with my windows harddisk )

I put it in this below folder but still not working

can anybody guide me ? There is no setting in the pcsx2 to custom cheat folder...

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Which version do you install ? The official tarball or ppa ?
I'm using ppa but not the official one. Can't install using the official one
I forget which one, it suppose to be
I use pcsx2 0.9.8 with ubuntu natty 32bit

In the /home/<user>/.config/pcsx2-reg.ini state that the install dir /usr/games
I thought Just like windows you have to put the cheats in the install dir. I put there but it's not working

Anyway I test every dir and found out that you have to put it in home folder /home/<user>/cheats
It works.
Well it is based on mine, + additional bug fix.

I never use cheats but I thinks I can improve that for later release.

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