load/save state disabled in r1736?
hi guys! is the load/save state by hot key F1/F3 disabled in the new beta r1736? i tried and it doesnt work anymore like the older versions...also the esc key to exit to main screen dont work anymore either. anyway to revert key config to the way of the older versions?

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Works fine here, something in your configuration changed.
how do u config the hot keys for pcsx2 then? i want to b able to save/load by sstates and esc to main screen lol...help for noob anyone?
is that beta the new gui pcsx2? get same problem here when press f1 get me crash to desktop also f4 frame limiter doesn't work anymore
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o wait, i got it...lol i set keyboard to disabled in lilypad haha...
You changed that and didnt think/notice something was wrong because of it? <_<
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