logitech wheel?

i was so happy i found this emulator i dug up all my ps2 games and surprisingly most of them work on my laptop Blink

and since im going to buy a logitech DFGT (which work with PS2) i want to ask you a question

does the wheel work with the emulator?
if it does what about the FFB does it work too?
if the answer is yes im going to pick up GT4 from e-bay do the versions differ in speed(read:frame rate) and what is the most compatible version? (PAL/NTSC)

thank you for your help Biggrin

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a hundred views and no help?

In control pad config u can turn on mouse then configure the axis then try playing with mouse. If ok get wheel

Ntsc games are more compatible with the emulator than pal games
Yes any wheels works. Use LilyPad and then check out these threads:




Quote:Steering Wheel mapping Instructions by Isamu:

1)Open LilyPad, then click on the "Pad1" tab.

2)Once there, on the right hand side, you will see all the functions for the PS1 Dual Shock controller. Click on the function you want to map, then press the button on your wheel or pedal to map it. It will then show up on the *LEFT* side of the window.

3)For analog steering, look at the section in LilyPad that says "Left Analog Stick" and proceed to click the button that says "Left", and then then turn your T500RS Wheel to the left. Now, do the same thing for turning right, by pressing the "Right" button in LilyPad. It will then map the Playstation *left and right* analog stick to your T500RS wheel.

4)For the gas pedal, click the button in LilyPad that says "Right Stick Analog>Up", then press the gas pedal on your T500RS. For the brake, press the button in Lilypad that says "Right Stick Analog > Down", then press the brake pedal on the T500RS.

5)For any other PS1 pad function, press any button in the LilyPad that corresponds to the real PlayStation controller(is Cross, Circle, Start, Select, etc...) and then proceed to map them to any button on the wheel that you want.

6)To change the analog rotation and make it as sensitive as you want, try adjusting the sensitivity slider in Lilypad and start by putting it all the way to the left. Then move it slightly to the right, until you have the sensitivity that you want. My ECCI 7000 is 900 degrees of rotation, so I usually keep the sensitivity right at 3.935. I leave the deadzone slider all the way to the left. Also make sure "Turbo" is unchecked".

7)Once you have all the buttons and axis configured, go back to the "General" tab in Lilypad, and make sure that "DirectInput" is checked under Input API and GameDevice API, and under "Miscellaneous", put a check next to "Disable Screensaver", and "Local Volume control".
thank you for your answer
You're welcome Smile

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